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5 Things to Consider When Renting a Car in the UK

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Renting a car gives Brits the freedom to explore the open road, transforming a simple holiday into a memorable adventure. However, without proper planning, renting a car can be a bit of a headache. Tales of holidaymakers getting caught out and footing bills for things that could have been avoided have surfaced time and again. In order to protect you from such a predicament, we compiled this checklist of 5 things you must consider when hiring a vehicle in the U.K.

The perfect deal

Before booking, look for the best deal possible. Allow yourself enough time to find a convenient deal by looking for a rental in advance of your trip. Booking early can help save hundreds of pounds on car rental. This also helps you determine how big the car needs to be and if you’ll have to pick up or drop off in different places. Visit websites that provide solid information about hiring vehicles in the U.K.

Fuel policy

When comparing your options, ensure you check the fuel policy. Opting for the wrong one might end up wiping out the savings you might have made on the rental. Common options include full to full in which you are given a full tank of petrol and expected to return the car with the tank full; full to empty where you pay the rental company upfront for a full tank of petrol and return it empty; and pay for what you use where you have to return the car with the exact amount of fuel it had when you picked it up.

Necessary documents

Following the DVLA’s move to get rid of the paper counterpart, you’ll need to generate a new shiny digital code that shares your information with the hiring company 21 days prior to picking up your car. Other essential documents to remember are a credit card for a security deposit, a company-issued voucher containing details of your rental, and a valid driver’s licence.

Car hire excess insurance

For many car renters, car hire excess insurance can be kind of a tricky but it can save you up to 65 percent off the price on the rental. Some rental companies can sell you two different kinds of insurance — one of which is an excess waiver and the other for the windscreens and tires. In terms of documentation, you’re not obligated to bring any insurance documents to the car rental depot, but you could bring them just in case you have to file a claim while abroad.

Existing vehicle condition

When picking up your car, you might be chomping at the bit to start your holiday. But before you drive off into the sunset, you need to check your rental car thoroughly, and not just a cursory glance to confirm that the car has four wheels. Go around the car, search for scratches or bumps, and take photos to ensure that the rental company has a record of any faults you find. When picking up the car, you should be given an existing vehicle condition report outlining any damage on the vehicle.

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