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6 Stretches to Minimize Soreness on Road Trips

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As fun as traveling by car can be, many people experience stiff joints and sore muscles after spending hours on the road. This is true for both driver and passengers. Here are six simple stretches you can do on your next road trip to stay more relaxed and comfortable both during and after the journey.

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For passengers

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These three stretches are best suited for non-drivers since they require movements that will take your eyes off the road and the use of both hands.

Back twists

Rotate your torso to the right, grab the back of the chair to stretch your back. Hold for several seconds then repeat on the other side.

Neck swivels

Sit up straight, then lean your head to the left so your ear comes close to your shoulder. Hold for a few seconds, then gently roll your head forward so your chin aims down toward your chest. Hold for a few seconds, then swivel your head to the right to repeat.

Hip stretch

With your right foot flat on the floor, lift your left ankle onto your right knee. Lean forward to stretch the hip and lower back areas. Repeat with the other leg to stretch the opposite side.

For drivers

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These three stretches are safe for drivers to perform when behind the wheel. Try these the next time you spend any portion of a road trip in the driver’s seat.

Shoulder stretch

Take your left hand off the steering wheel and place it on your left shoulder blade with your elbow pointing straight up. Repeat with your right hand to stretch the right shoulder.

Shoulder rolls

Shrug your shoulders a few times, slowly. This will help loosen your neck and upper back muscles.

Thread the needle

Keep your left hand on the steering wheel, bring your right arm across your body and under your left arm. Touch the side door on your left then crawl your hand along the panel toward the back of the car. Hold the stretch for a few minutes. Repeat the exercise with your right hand holding the steering wheel and your left arm reaching across your body to the right side of the car.

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