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6 Ways to Make Money With Your Pickup Truck

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2022 Chevrolet Silverado HD Multi-Flex Tailgate Inner Gate Load Stop
One way to make money with your truck is to start a delivery service
Photo: General Motors

Got a pickup truck and need a way to make some extra cash? Whether you’re looking for a new full-time job or a part-time one, here are six ways to start raking in the dough with the help of your truck.

A Solid Start: Service your truck before you launch your new delivery or moving business

Delivery service

Network with small businesses in your area that might not have time to deliver their products to clients. Besides your truck, you’ll need some moving equipment — like a dolly and some furniture pads — along with commercial insurance. And unless you’re the Hulk and prefer to work alone, it’s a great idea to hire two or three other people to assist you in your delivery service venture, as Pop Polling’s Dandre Douglas recommends.

Towing service

If your pickup truck has the brawn to tow other vehicles, consider starting a towing service. To get started with this side hustle, modify your truck with LED emergency lights as well as towing equipment, advises Douglas.

Junk removal

Another lucrative way to use your truck is to get into the junk hauling business. Per Don’t Work Another Day blog’s founder Forrest McCall, the hourly rate you charge customers will vary depending on the size of your truck as well as what types of items need to be transported.

Snow plowing

The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado comes standard with a Vortec® 6.0-liter Variable Valve Timing V8 SFI Engine
The Silverado makes a great snowplowing truck

If you live in an area that’s prone to messy winter weather, use your truck for snow removal during the colder months of the year. Outfit your pickup with a snowplow attachment and snow tires, then advertise your new business, shares Douglas. Whether you offer your services to local neighborhoods or retail businesses, it’s a practical way to keep others safe on the road while adding some cash to your bank account.

Moving service

Relocating can be pricey, whether it’s an across-the-town or down-the-street move. Start a moving service to help locals transfer their stuff to their new residence for a cheaper price than moving companies would charge, as McCall suggests.

Landscaping service

If you enjoy spending time outside and like to get your hands dirty, consider getting into the yard maintenance niche, recommends Douglas. Truck beds have ample space to accommodate yard care tools and materials, whether you choose to specialize in grass mowing or landscaping design.

For more ways to use your pickup, check out these truck bed transformation ideas. And read this article for tips on extending your vehicle’s lifespan so you can use it in your new business for many years to come.

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