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8 Easy Ways to Reduce Sunshine Glare on Your Windshield

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woman driving 2017 Chevrolet Impala LTZ
Pictured: 2017 Chevrolet Impala LTZ
Photo: General Motors

We’ve all experienced it at some point: you’re driving down the road and make a turn when the setting/rising sun casts a blinding glare across your windshield, making it nearly impossible to see. Not only is this situation incredibly frustrating, but it’s also very dangerous. In those moments, you panic and scramble to make it easier to see.

But what can you do to enhance your visibility and prevent sun glare on your windshield? Here are eight steps to make driving in the sunshine safer.

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sun visor in car with vanity mirror
Photo: The News Wheel

The visor, obviously

Flip down the visor and push it against the windshield as high up as possible so it blocks the sun’s rays without obscuring your view of traffic lights. If the factory-installed visor doesn’t help, look into buying an enhanced aftermarket visor that’s more adjustable.

female driver wearing sunglasses
Photo: The News Wheel

Better sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are created equal. Some designs and lenses are far more effective at blocking sunshine while still letting you see clearly to drive. Polarized sunglasses do an excellent job of reducing the glare you see when you’re behind the wheel. Plus, they’re quite fashionable.

tinted window rolled down on car with gap
Photo: The News Wheel

Consider tinting

Get the windshield tinted by an aftermarket shop if you own a vehicle that repeatedly suffers from glares (due to the angle of the glass, for instance). Even getting the top 6-9 inches of the windshield tinted can make a big difference.

glass cleaner on car windshield spraying off dirt
Photo: The News Wheel

Clean off

Dirty windows scatter light, which makes it harder to see through the windshield when the sun hits it. Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the inside and outside of the windshield and side windows on a regular basis, ensuring light rays can easily pass through. 

Also wipe down any oily residue from your dashboard, such as polishes that turn it into a shiny, reflective surface.

large white vinegar bottle on pavement
Photo: The News Wheel

Vinegar protection

Applying vinegar to the glass after you have washed it will diminish the buildup of residue in the future. It’s an easy way to keep the glass clear and reduce the chance of a haze forming on the surface (and one of the many ways you can use vinegar on your car).

wiper blade replacement
Ensure your windshield wipers are working properly, and replace once or twice a year, depending on use

Maintain wipers

Keep the windshield wipers in good condition and the washer fluid reservoir filled. This will ensure you can wipe off the windshield when you’re in a pinch and can’t stop the car to wipe the glass by hand.

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GPS driving route directions on car infotainment screen
Photo: The News Wheel

Different route

Try changing your daily drive by taking different roads than you usually do. Perhaps you’ll find a route that’s more shaded by trees or minimizes the time your direction faces the sun.

Snow-covered side-view mirror on car in winter
Photo: The News Wheel

Apply warmth

If you’re driving in the winter, you’ll see glares much more frequently due to the reflective snow on front yards and frost on the windshield. Warm up and scrape off the glass before leaving the house so there’s no trace of frost.

Not only will reducing the glare on your car’s windshield make driving less frustrating, but it will also make it safer for you and those around you.