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A Beginner’s Guide to Preventive Car Maintenance

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Vehicle Maintenance

Getting your own car is exciting and a dream that most of us have aspired to live since we were kids. Having the wheel under your authority gives you a distinct sense of independence and empowerment. That being said, with great power comes great responsibility and owning a car has its fair share of responsibility. It is extremely important for you to make sure that at least the basic maintenance of the car is kept on point. This is important in order to ensure safety, fuel efficiency, and lower professional maintenance cost. You will not have to worry about your car breaking down in the middle of the highway just when you were in a rush, or your brakes failing because you never bothered checking up on the brake oil. If you are a new car owner, here is a basic maintenance guide that you need to keep in check in order to ensure that your money and life is not at stake while you are on the move.

Car manual

Before you start off with the hands-on car maintenance, the first thing that you should be doing as soon as you get your car is to read the car manual carefully and thoroughly. It is important to understand that although all cars are used the same way, they are designed differently. Every car uses a different type of engine, different batteries, and different wheels, and therefore the maintenance protocols are different for every car. For example, just because your dad changed his oil filters every 3000 miles does not mean the same will apply to your car. That is why it is important to know exactly what protocols your car adheres to.

Car battery and fluid

One of the most important things that most newbies ignore easily is checking their car’s battery and fluid. Your car engine thrives on the battery and the battery feeds on the battery fluid, which exhausts as much as, it is used. Although brand new cars might not need as frequent checks, however, it is always advisable to keep an eye on it. If your car is running on low battery fluid, it can lead to overheating the car consequently leading to a breakdown.

Wheel alignments

Having your car’s wheel alignment right is important for both your driving experience as well as road safety. It can be extremely dangerous if you are struggling to keep your car straight in line while moving on a busy road. You can prevent your car from having wheel alignment issues by getting your wheels inspected for alignment regularly. Again, every type of wheel follows different time frame and protocols for wheel alignment, therefore pay attention to what your wheel manufacturer recommends.

Overall car tuning

Keeping your car tuned is not only important for safety reasons, but it also ensures that your car has better fuel economy, and will save you costs of visiting mechanics. Although professional inspection and tuning is required after a certain period of time, you can monitor basic car tuning on your own. For example, you can use this article to learn about cleaning DPF Filters. Likewise, you can find free tutorials online related to replacing oil filters and other basic tuning guides.

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