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Probably Happening: An All-Electric Ford Mustang Fastback

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Ford Mustang Lithium prototype SEMA | Probably Happening: An All-Electric Ford Mustang Fastback
Pony car purists will have something entirely new to be big mad about if/when the all-electric Ford Mustang fastback becomes a thing
Pictured: Ford Mustang Lithium concept
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford President of Automotive and 2019 Automotive News All Star Joe Hinrichs suggested on CNBC’s Squawk Box that an all-electric Ford Mustang fastback is probably going to be happening at some point or another. Because why wouldn’t it.

According to Auto News, Hinrichs said that an electric Mustang more in keeping with the coupe styling that folks have come to know and love will not be coming along “in the near future, but probably someday.” Bill Ford was also asked about the idea, and he gave a less certain “never say never” response, but the writing very much seems to be on the wall.

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The news that Ford will make probably eventually get around to making a Mustang coupe EV will hopefully put a damper on the furor surrounding the newly revealed Mustang Mach-E. To the surprise of no one, purists are v mad that the Mach-E, an SUV with Mustang-like styling, is officially part of the pony car family. Some are so mad that they have started a petition pleading with Ford to change the name.

Of course, there’s still a pretty good chance that an all-electric Ford Mustang fastback would be met with similar levels of disdain because it doesn’t have an engine. Pitchforks are no doubt already being sharpened and torch rags doused in preparation for the reveal of the Mustang hybrid, which will likely be revealed sometime within the next year or two.

Hopefully the Ford Mustang Lithium would be enough to convince folks that an all-electric pony car can work. The prototype revealed at SEMA earlier this year gets a ridiculous 900 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque thanks to a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor with dual power inverters and a high-performance 800-volt Webasto battery system with EVDrive Technology. Those kinda numbers should be enough to allay fears that an electric Mustang wouldn’t have enough bite, but who knows. Somebody will probably be mad enough that smoke doesn’t come out of a tailpipe that they’ll fire up in the ol’ browser.  

Know what probably wouldn’t make anyone mad? A dope-ass all-electric Fox Body Mustang. Do it, you cowards.

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