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Annie Leibovitz Photographs 2017 Lincoln Continental for New Multimedia Campaign

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Annie Leibovitz 2017 Lincoln Continental

Photographer Annie Leibovitz is perhaps best known for her work with Rolling Stone, photographing John Lennon on the day that he was shot, and taking the photo of Ewan McGregor in his Obi-Wan Kenobi ensemble that your mom reposted on Facebook mistakenly thinking that he was supposed to be Jesus.

Today, she adds another wrinkle to her legacy: photographer for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. Leibovitz captured the returning Continental for Lincoln’s “That’s Continental” advertising campaign, with spreads rolling out in print publications and on social media beginning on Monday. 1 like = 1 luxury, 1 share = 10 luxury.

Annie Leibovitz 2017 Lincoln Continental

“We partnered with the world’s pre-eminent portrait photographer to launch the new Lincoln flagship,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of The Lincoln Motor Company. “Annie Leibovitz is a photographer of substance. The rich, warm emotions her photos evoke mirror the feelings we want our clients to experience on all their journeys in the new Lincoln Continental.”

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Leibovitz photographed the Continental in and around The Big Apple both alone and accompanied by a trio of models. Lincoln notes that Leibovitz chose three amateur models for the role because it would create a more authentic photograph. One of the dudes even brought his dog, which is a bonus.

Annie Leibovitz 2017 Lincoln Continental

Though she was only contracted to shoot six photos, Leibovitz concocted a road trip for the project that would establish some sense of storytelling within the photographs, resulting in a baker’s dozen. The road trip was said to be inspired by road trips she took with her father as a child.

“She said that’s how she first developed her photographic eye—by looking out the back window at the horizontal framing of the landscapes of America,” said John Emmert, group marketing manager of The Lincoln Motor Company. “So in the end, we have 13 different shots that tell a story with a nice backdrop of rural and urban—and all decidedly unconventional in terms of car photography.”

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Annie Leibovitz 2017 Lincoln Continental