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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Coming to Ford in 2017 Model Year

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Ford SYNC 3 Infotainment in a 2016 Ford Kuga

If you have been saving up your pennies to afford a new Ford vehicle, we have good news for you. This week, the Blue Oval brand has announced that all models in the 2017 production year will be available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making connecting a phone to a vehicle ore seamless than ever.

The vehicle must be equipped with the SYNC 3 system to gain the smartphone operating systems, but the possible extra cost is worth it. Even before the Apple and Android integration, SYNC 3 improves the driver’s entertainment experience by leaps and bounds. Pandora, Spotify, AccuWeather, and AAA Member Services are just some of the apps available in SYNC 3 to connect drivers to the outside world to have fun or ask for help if needed.

Jeffrey Hannah, Director of North America for SBD, a global automotive technology research firm, said “Ford is not taking the traditional approach of introducing Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto on a few piecemeal models or as an expensive option on luxury vehicles only. The guesswork for consumers is over – if you buy any 2017 Ford vehicle with SYNC 3, you drive off the lot with both of these innovative technologies ready to go.”

Apple owners will need the iPhone 5 or later to connect to Apple CarPlay. Once synced, the software allows drivers to access Apple iTunes, Maps, Messaging and Phone using Siri voice controls. Android phone users will need Android 5.0 to connect with the vehicle, and will then be able to easily access similar functionality as the Apple system.