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Ashmita Randhawa Shows How Bright Future Is at Ford of Canada

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Ashmita Randhawa Ford of Canada rising star
Ford of Canada rising star Ashmita Randhawa
Photo: Ford

Automakers like Ford Motor Company have noted that the future of the industry is in the hands of today’s up-and-coming stars. This includes Ashmita Randhawa, a well-traveled retail marketing strategy analyst at Ford of Canada. Named one of Ford’s 30 Under 30 in 2019 and the winner of a Ford Diversity & Inclusion Award in 2018, Randhawa’s work so far shows that companies like Ford are in very good hands indeed.

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Profiled on @FordOnline, Randhawa says that growing up in a family that moved around a lot helped make her more adaptable to new situations. Growing up in the Himalayan Mountains in India and living in 15 different cities over her life, she now resides in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The flexibility that comes with having seen so many new places by a young age makes her an asset to her team, which requires quick thinking and adaptability to market trends.

Randhawa wouldn’t have it any other way, telling Ford that she appreciates the faster-paced work environment. In particular, she expressed fondness for Ford’s quick rollout of the Built to Lend a Hand program, which the company put together for Canadian dealers in under two days’ time.

“In just a day and a half, we conducted costing, testing, and coding, while also working with the communications team to push out messaging about the program,” said Randhawa. “This was incredibly rewarding and exciting work on the type of project I dreamed of doing after completing my MBA.”

A testament to her drive, Randhawa funded her MBA from McMaster University by taking on three different co-op positions. Thanks to that fire within, she’s firmly established as one of Ford of Canada’s — and the auto industry’s — rising stars.

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