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Audi Gives the Ultimate Gift to Six Fans

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There are car enthusiasts all over social media, and many of them are fiercely loyal to their favored brands. When it comes to luxury vehicles like Audi’s, fans are even more devoted because of how much of an investment the vehicles are. Audi is grateful for its devotees, and decided to offer six Instagram users the ultimate holiday gift: custom posters of their vehicles wrapped and delivered to their homes.

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Audi chose the most devoted fans on Instagram for the honor of having their rides turned into works of art. Amaury Laparra is a famous Parisian photographer (and car fan), and Audi enlisted his help in the Christmas treat. Each user worked with Laparra so he could learn more about each individual car and what would be the best angle to portray it in art. Fans submitted photos of their vehicles, and Laparra took the images and blended them with classic advertising art to create the perfect homage to Audi’s luxury line and the owners who care for the cars.


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Director of Marketing for Audi of America Loren Angelo said, “With the fan-inspired art, we wanted to recognize our customers and our incredible fans who demonstrate their enthusiasm for our products every day.”

It’s certainly a memorable gesture the six Audi fans will never forget.