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Audi Works To Tear Down Gender Divide

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dollaudiEarlier this year, I wrote about how advertising for cars seems to be slowly changing from male-centric ads to those that focus on things ad agencies think women will want to see as well. If I’m right, then Audi is the latest automaker to take up the baton and make a commercial to reach out to socially-conscious women and try to grow brand loyalty.

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When the new commercial from Audi Spain opens, a toy store is shutting down for the night. Much like the animated playthings in Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, the dolls, vehicles, and more come to life. Everything in the store is also divided into a blue aisle for boys and a pink aisle for girls.

As all the toys wake up, many of the Barbie-style dolls start to move and resume their lives, but one is very unhappy with the horseless princess carriage she is in. When she sees the much better rides in the boys’ aisle, she swings across the gap on a strand of Christmas lights, where she finds an Audi R8 vehicle (after getting catcalls from the other trucks and cars).

Take a look at the video for yourself below and see the princess zoom along in the Audi R8 (after she refuses to get in the passenger seat) and conquer the obstacles of the store.

As the store opens, customers come in. One boy picks up the doll in the Audi R8, who never made it all the way back to the shelves. He asks his mother for the toy, but she decides the princess is not a good fit for the manly Audi R8. As she turns to walk away, her son slyly picks up the princess doll and returns her to her rightful place behind the wheel.


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As the commercial closes, Audi makes a statement that “Playing, like driving, should not be influenced by gender stereotype.” The German automaker than displays the hashtag #CambiemosElJuego, which loosely translates to “Change the Game” and directs viewers to a microsite that offers the toy in the commercial, as well as information about gender equality. This is a small step towards making women feel more comfortable in the auto industry, but it is still an important one.