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Best Exterior Colors Offered by Ford

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2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang in Race Red

Ford keeps it pretty simple when it comes to colors. Almost all of its models come in “Ruby Red,” “Oxford White,” and “Magnetic,” otherwise known as red, white, and silver. But a few have standout paint options too. Read on to find the best exterior colors offered by Ford.

2015 Ford Fusion

2015 Ford Fusion Bronze Fire

2015 Ford Fusion Titanium in Bronze Fire

The Fusion offers almost every shade of gray you could want, from “Guard” and “Magnetic” to “Ingot Silver” and “Tectonic Silver.” Without a doubt, its most noteworthy color is “Bronze Fire,” a reddish brown that gives it an aura of luxury befitting the Aston Martin grille.

2015 Ford Escape

2015 Ford Escape Karat Gold

2015 Ford Escape in Karat Gold

Though the Escape can be painted with a unique “Karat Gold” color, it’s a bit too boring for us to recommend it. Hey, just because you’re bringing the kids to soccer doesn’t mean your car shouldn’t be stylish. The Escape looks best in “Ingot Silver Metallic,” but if you need a break from your kids, you can always go with the “Sunset” option and drive off into the sunset. Why else is this car named Escape?

2015 Ford F-150

2015 Ford F-150 in Blue Flame

2015 Ford F-150 in Blue Flame

The best-selling vehicle in America deserves choice. White, blue, green, and shades in between are all available for you to pick. We think the silver colors look best on this one, like “Magnetic” and “Guard,” but “Blue Flame” is definitely worth a mention if you’d like to get yourself noticed in your F-150.

2015 Ford Focus

2015 Ford Focus Tectonic Silver

2015 Ford Focus in Tectonic Silver

The Focus is a hip car for young people and as such it gets some of the most vibrant colors. “Performance Blue,” “Race Red,” and “Blue Candy” are all fun and attractive to look at, but we personally prefer the more subdued feel of “Tectonic Silver.”

2015 Ford Explorer

2015 Ford Explorer XLT

2015 Ford Explorer XLT in Blue Jean

The Explorer is all about tackling the wild unknown, which is why it comes in “Caribou Metallic.” Don’t think Caribous won’t notice you, though. “Platinum White” is by far the best choice here if you’re trying to look distinguished, although the “Blue Jean” finish is quite tastefully done.

2015 Ford Mustang


2015 Ford Mustang in Triple Yellow

It’s no surprise the famed muscle car gets “Race Red” among its color choices, but we think it pales next to “Triple Yellow” and “Competition Orange.” The former makes it look positively glamorous and the latter actually succeeds in making the Mustang look like it belongs on a track.