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Bill Nye Rides In An Autonomous Audi

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Bill Nye Delphi AudiThis month, Bill Nye the Science Guy launched a new show for the kids that grew up with his iconic PBS program in the early 1990s called Bill Nye Saves The World on Netflix. Like his previous venture into television, Bill Nye explores topics important to his viewers like global warning, diets, genetics, and alien life by conducting experiments and interviews with leaders in each field. Each episode also features a panel of pundits discussing the issues and representing both sides of the argument.

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Episode three of the first season, called “Machines Take Over the World,” featured Bill Nye trying to get a bowl of ice cream from his now-autonomous lab. Of course, the freezer refused to give it to him because it was not good for him, so he resorted to driving to get ice cream. However, Nye didn’t just hop into a car. Instead he exited his studio and called his ride, an Audi vehicle equipped with Delphi self-driving technology. The car then pulled away with Bill Nye in the passenger seat, and after a taped segment about artificial intelligence and art he was dropped off with his bowl of ice cream.

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After the episode went live, Bill Nye actually got a tweet back from Audi. While Delphi uses Audi products for its technology, Audi has a program of its own to develop autonomous cars called Audi Piloted. In the tweet, Audi challenged the scientist to take a ride in one of Audi’s self-driving cars, a racecar that can tear around the track with no one behind the wheel.

Hopefully attention from celebrities like Bill Nye will help autonomous cars go from science fair curiosity to accepted technology sooner than we can hope for.