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BMW Concept X2 Unveiled in Paris

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Honestly, today feels a little bit like Christmas if you’re a BMW fan. We knew that BMW was planning on adding a new SUV to its lineup, much like how as children we had a slight inkling what would be waiting under the tree for us on Christmas morning. While we might have guessed many things about this vehicle, there’s still that thrill when the cover finally comes off and you see it for the first time. While we were prepared for the BMW X2, it’s still a pretty sharp vehicle that takes a bit of our breath away.

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Before you get too excited, this vehicle unveiled at the Paris Motor Show is the BMW Concept X2 and not the final production model. That probably means that some of this vehicle’s more dramatic features, like the stylized headlights and double-spoke wheels, might be toned down before this vehicle hits the showroom floor.

If something about the nose of the car looks a bit odd to you, that’s because the traditional BMW kidney-shaped grille is actually turned upside down, widening from top to bottom instead of the usual bottom to top. That might seem like a trivial detail, but it definitely makes the car look like something both familiar and foreign when looking at it. That seems to be the theme of this concept. Many of its design cues can be seen in other BMW models, but they have been slightly tweaked.

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The windshield seems to blend in with the black roof, and the line of the car continues to flow back to the rear spoiler. This shape and the blending of colors makes the BMW Concept X2 look much sleeker than many of its BMW SUV siblings. There is a BMW badge mounted on the back side support beams for the roof, making its origins obvious to everyone, no matter where they are standing.

If this is what the concept car looks like, we can’t wait to see the production model. Keep checking The News Wheel for more details from BMW.