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BMW i8 Key Fob Images Leaked

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BMW i8 key fob

BMW i8 key fob

Just a few days ago, an insider with BMW leaked some all-new BMW i8 key fob photos that have left all of our heads reeling. We all expected the i8 to be groundbreaking, revolutionary, something we’ve never seen before—but its key fob? Who woulda thunk?

Reportedly, the BMW i8 key fob features a high-res LCD screen which allows the user to access an array of important electrifying information, such as charge levels, charge times, and how far the vehicle can go on the remaining charge. But wait—there’s more! Drivers can even customize the key fob buttons for other tasks, such as heating or cooling the car before they get in. Think of the key fob as kind of like a Pokédex for your car, except you won’t be able to contact Professor Oak whenever you come across a car you don’t recognize and it doesn’t have a sweet robot voice. (Okay, so it’s nothing like a Pokédex.)

Since the photo and info stem from a leak, we can’t say with certainty if this is the real deal. We do know, however, that BMW has been showing off some pretty lame key fob prototypes at i8 unveilings while the Ultimate Driving Machine develops the actual key fob in secrecy. This could very well be the product of that secrecy.

Only time will tell.

BMW i8 key fob