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Buick and GMC Vehicles Simplify Your Commute with Wi-Fi and Marketplace

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Wi-Fi and Marketplace

Photo: Buick

Whether you’re an avid photographer or another business professional, Buick and GMC equip you with efficient tools to handle work on the fly. These gadgets include a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and Marketplace.

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Their recent video campaigns show a female paparazzo ending a work assignment by snapping a photo of a fountain. You can watch this refreshing work task in both videos below.

From there, she accesses her Buick or GMC app and starts her vehicle’s engine with Remote Start by visiting the remote commands menu.

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After unloading her camera gear into the back trunk, she steps into her vehicle and orders her morning coffee fix. Dunkin Donuts via Marketplace pops up conveniently on her vehicle’s infotainment screen. The system conveniently remembers her favorites and products she has recently viewed.

As she gets to work on her client’s photos on her laptop outside the cafe, she connects to her vehicle’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi. With this helpful feature, she can tackle her to-do list out in the warmth of nature.

When she finishes, she is ready to return to her photo studio. She uses the app to send directions to her Buick or GMC vehicle’s navigation. While we are sure she knows how to get to the studio, a Buick or GMC can be helpful.

With much to do and so little time, Buick and GMC have perfected a system that will simplify your day-to-day grind for online work and purchasing food and drink.

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