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Buick Asks ‘The Onion’ Where It Can Pick Up Trophy for Regal Idling Outside Off-Track Betting Parlor

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1978-79 Buick Regal

Buick, as you may well know, is in the midst of what could be charitably described as a brand reboot. Known for some time as the brand of choice for, let’s say, drivers of a somewhat more mature standing, GM has been working for the last several years to change the public’s perception of Buick to that of a hipper, younger, and decidedly hunkier product that is flush with tech and stylish enough to draw celebrity endorsements from big-time, dabbing football dudes.

In addition to building on the success of its “That’s Not a Buick” ad campaign and adding well-received products like the Envision and Cascada to its lineup, Buick managed to help its image as a fresher brand by rolling with the punches when The Onion named the 1978-1979 Buick Regal “Best Vehicle in Class for Idling Outside Off-Track Betting Parlor.”

According to an article from the parody periodical, the Regal just beat out the Chevy Malibu to win its third straight award for best midsize sedans for idling outside an off-track betting parlor from Car and Driver. The Onion quotes Eddie Alterman, legit editor-in-chief of Car and Driver, as saying that the Regal’s heated seats are “ideal for anyone who wanted to lay down a quick $50 trifecta before the window closed and then return to a cozy interior on the coldest of nights,” and that its fuel efficiency “lets you keep the car humming by the curb until you can find a way to get back in the green.”

It would have been easy in this case for Buick to take itself super seriously and launch a pointed insult back at The Onion’s Twitter account. It would have been just as easy for Buick’s social media manager to just ignore the tweet and keep on trucking. But, no, Buick’s Twitter person made the right call by rolling with the punches and responding: .@TheOnion So do we pick up the trophy outside or do we actually have to go in the Parlor to get it?

Buick may have for so long had the reputation of being a brand for grandpas, but these days, its dad-joke game is on point. The response to this day has 69 likes (heh), 11 retweets, and two responses (neither of which are from The Onion).

FAKE NEWS Source: The Onion