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Buick Marketing VP: “That’s Not a Buick” Ads Paying Dividends

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Confused woman can't find the Buick in the “That’s Not a Buick!” ad

Confused woman can’t find the Buick in the “That’s Not a Buick!” ad

The people of America are divided on one particular hot-button issue today: is the jingle that runs through the background of the “That’s Not a Buick” campaign annoying or nah? Tony DiSalle, US Vice President of Buick and GMC marketing sat down with Vince Bond Jr. of Automotive News to discuss that catchy little number among other topics earlier this week.

“That’s equity,” DiSalle says of the song being stuck in Bond Jr.’s head. It’s a good example of the kinds of things that help the campaign and message break through. Automotive advertising is so incredibly cluttered, and the first objective is to stand out and get people to remember the message, and remember who the message is for.

“There’s also things like self-deprecating humor and being a very approachable brand and the kind of talent you cast in TV spots,” DiSalle added. “It’s important to maintain those because those are elements that help the consumer remember, “Yeah, that’s a Buick ad.”

With regards to self-deprecating humor, DiSalle acknowledged that Buick’s biggest challenge is changing the perception that the brand’s vehicles are intended solely for old people, and embracing this perception has been key to altering it to their liking.

The numbers prove it, too. DiSalle states that conquest sales are growing, particularly in the case of Encore. The Buick Encore is said to be the model with the highest sales among owners who were not GM owners prior; about 50% of its sales are said to be conquest sales. It’s also noted that Buick is up with female buyers and African-Americans.

As for appealing to younger drivers, DiSalle reveals that the average age of Buick owners has dropped six years in the past six or seven years alone. If they keep cranking out catchy jingles and memorable commercials, that stat is likely to continue declining.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)