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Buick Unveils Futuristic Electra Concept EV

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Buick Electra concept
Photo: Buick

The all-new Electra concept crossover takes its name from Buick’s storied past while illustrating the brand’s lofty aspirations for the future.

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Introduced today in China, the Electra concept combines an all-electric platform, spaceship-like design, and an array of next-generation performance and connectivity systems. It makes quite a contrast with the original Electra, a full-size car that was one of Buick’s most premium offerings for more than 30 years.

“Building on Buick’s proven leadership in electrification, the Electra represents the brand’s ambition to bring together beautiful styling and intelligent connectivity in the new era of zero emissions,” said Molly Peck, SAIC-GM’s executive director of Buick sales and marketing.

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Buick Electra concept features and design

The Electra concept rides on a new electric platform with cutting-edge Ultium battery tech and driving range of up to 410 miles. The twin electric motors deliver a combined 583 horsepower. They can accelerate the vehicle 0-60 mph in less than 4.3 seconds.

The Electra’s sculpted exterior look and light-to-dark-silver color scheme is based on a new “potential energy” design language meant to evoke the firing of an arrow. The vehicle is capped by a glass canopy and features butterfly-wing doors that open via facial recognition. Other key exterior features include an illuminated grille and rear nameplate, high-tech matrix LED lamps, and 23-inch wheels.  

Buick Electra concept
Photo: Buick

The copper gold-trimmed, four-seat cabin of the Electra is designed to evoke a space capsule. A curved display, retractable steering wheel, and suspended seats give the open, roomy interior a futuristic feel. Technologies like an electronic rearview mirror, ambient lighting, and hidden air conditioning also contribute to this advanced atmosphere.

The Electra’s curved retina display screen runs the eConnect infotainment system. This technology features over-the-air software updates, on-demand driving information, and the intelligent AI Voice Assistant. There’s also an augmented-reality head-up display that runs live-view navigation, along with new vehicle-to-everything technologies for safer, more connected travel.

So far, Buick’s electric vehicles have been limited to China. However, GM is pushing hard to bring more EVs to market around the world. It’s only a matter of time before some of these Electra-inspired features, technologies, and design elements make their way to Buick buyers in America.