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Wildcat EV Concept Shows Off Buick’s Future

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The Wildcat EV Concept
Photo: Buick

The recently revealed Wildcat EV Concept is more than just a new vehicle — it’s a sneak peek at where the entire Buick lineup will be headed over the next few years.

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Buick only uses the Wildcat name for concept vehicles that display the brand’s most cutting-edge technologies and design elements. The Wildcat EV is no exception, showcasing features that will soon be introduced with a fully electrified line of new Buick models.

A new Buick design language

The Wildcat EV wastes no time establishing just how different it is compared to previous Buick models. Sleek, sporty, and coupe-shaped, it looks “ready to pounce,” as Buick puts it. It even shows off a new Buick badge design with horizontally aligned shields and a refreshed color palette.

The front end of the Wildcat EV Concept juts forward, incorporating a trapezoidal grille below and horizontal headlights shaped like check marks above. The even more dramatically shaped taillights are integrated into the swept-back roof. Other notable exterior features include jet-inspired 18-spoke turbine wheels, semi-swing doors, and a charge indicator that you can see through the rear glass.

  • Rear view of Buick Wildcat EV Concept with semi-swing passenger door open
  • Front view of Buick Wildcat Concept EV
  • Rear side overhead view of Buick Wildcat Concept EV taillamps
  • New Buick logo with horizontally aligned tri-shield design
  • Front view of Buick Wildcat EV Concept steering wheel, touch screen, dash, and console
  • Side view of Buick Wildcat EV Concept front seats, steering wheel, console, and dash
  • Buick Wildcat EV Concept rear seats and console

The interior of the Wildcat EV Concept is equally striking, with a roomy 2+2 seating layout split by a lengthy console, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, cockpit-like seats with floating headrests, plus a mix of green, orange, and aluminum accents. A wide touch screen is set into the dash, and it’s complemented by a smaller screen in the console and a pair of digital side-view displays on either side. The cabin also incorporates green, orange, and aluminum accents.

The Wildcat EV Concept incorporates an array of new technologies, integrating artificial intelligence and biometrics that can adapt the cabin to the driver’s needs. One example of this is the Zen Mode setting, which can detect an elevated heart rate and respond by activating the massage seats, lowering the cabin lights, and releasing aromatherapy scents to promote relaxation.

In 2024, some of the Wildcat EV Concept’s elements are likely to be introduced with Buick’s first production EV in North America — a crucial step for the brand’s eventual transition to an all-electric, zero-emissions lineup.