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Burnout-Friendly Electronic Line-Lock Standard on 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

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2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost electronic line-lock

Ford signaled the end of an era earlier this year when it revealed that the upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang will not feature the trusty V6 base engine, instead favoring the 2.3-liter EcoBoost as the standard engine option. The automaker has now signaled the beginning of something new with the announcement that electronic line-lock—previously available only on the Mustang GT—will now be standard for both the Mustang GT and the Mustang EcoBoost.

Electronic line-lock will be offered with all Mustangs regardless of whether they are equipped with the six-speed manual or the new 10-speed SelectShift automatic. The feature is particularly handy for drivers looking to perform burnouts by allowing drivers to heat up the tires before launch, and it can be engaged in the Mustang by using a wheel mounted thumb toggle.

When electronic line-lock is in use, pressure begins building in the front brake calipers; pressing the button again stores pressure for up to 15 seconds, allowing the rear wheels to start smoking up. The results are a thing of beauty.

Watch: 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost burnout goodness

“Burnouts just never get old, no matter how old you are and how many times you’ve done them,” said Vaughn Gittin Jr., Formula Drift Champion. “Who would have thought that we would see an EcoBoost Mustang producing 15 seconds of fury like this? You’ve got to love these rad things Ford is doing.”

With sales of the Mustang EcoBoost continuing to increase, the decision to make electronic line-lock standard was a no-brainer.

“We introduced line-lock on EcoBoost Mustangs because we didn’t want those customers to miss out,” said Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager. “The number of people choosing EcoBoost power continues to grow globally, and with the increased torque and new features coming on the new Mustang, customers will not be disappointed.”

2018 Ford Mustang Electronic Line-Lock Graphic Digital Display

What’s more, 2018 Mustangs equipped with the available 12-inch all-digital instrument panel will be able to see an animation that indicates electronic line-lock is in use. The animation includes RPMs, MPH, a timer, and an animated smoking tire. Good stuff.