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Cadillac Announces Second-Gen Rear Camera Mirror

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Now, there are two more reasons to anticipate the all-new 2019 Cadillac XT4 and the updated 2019 Cadillac CT6. Cadillac will debut its second-generation Rear Camera Mirror on these models. Per Cadillac Society, these are the only two models that will incorporate the design. Though, it’s expected that the brand will expand this offering to more models in its lineup for 2020.

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Building on the previous design

The first-generation version of Cadillac’s Rear Camera Mirror materialized back in December 2014. It swapped out the conventional rearview mirror with a digital video feed of the area behind the vehicle. The innovation gleaned recognition from several notable publications, including the 2015 Best Of What’s New award from Popular Science and the 2016 Best New Safety Technology title from Automotive Journalists Association of Canada.

The technology relies on a camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle. (This camera is different from the separate backup camera the vehicle uses.) This rear-mounted camera has a glare-reducing lens that adjusts to low-light conditions. The lens also has a hydrophobic coating to protect it from fog and dirt. A dedicated washer further helps the lens stay clean.

The rear-mounted camera transmits the video image to the display on the rearview mirror, to inform the driver of what lies directly in back of the vehicle. The goal is to reduce the risk of collisions when the vehicle travels in reverse.

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Improvements on the new design

The second-generation Rear Camera Mirror will expand on the previous design. It will include a frameless design, a zoom function and a tilt-position adjustment function. Additionally, it will offer increased brightness adjustments from 3-5. Cadillac has also increased the screen and camera resolutions from 1280×240 pixels to 1440×300 pixels, for a more defined image display.

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News Source: Cadillac Society