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Cadillac Officially Leaves New York City to Move Back to Michigan

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Cadillac's time in the Big Apple has been cut short

Start spreading the news. Cadillac’s leaving today.
Photo: Cadillac

Back in 2015, Cadillac made the historic move to New York City. The relocation of the luxury brand was meant to attract a younger workforce for Cadillac.

However, just four short years later, Cadillac is making its way back to Michigan. In fact, Cadillac has officially vacated its former New York City office space.

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Earlier this week, Cadillac President Steve Carlisle revealed that Cadillac’s NYC-based office space had been cleared out. Employees and furnishings from the old office are now on their way to Cadillac’s new headquarters in Warren, Michigan.

Of course, not every one of Cadillac’s New York City-based employees is making the move. Approximately 50 corporate workers will relocate to the new Warren headquarters. The rest of the employees were laid off as a part of GM’s restructuring efforts.

Cadillac wants its corporate operations and manufacturing operations to be close to one another, making the move to Warren a necessity. This close partnership will be crucial, as Cadillac looks to launch a new vehicle every six months through 2021.

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While the move to New York City was not brainchild of former Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, he did oversee Cadillac relocation to the Big Apple. Johan de Nysschen and Cadillac parted ways last year, with Carlisle taking over the position.

For the time being, residents of New York City can still visit the Cadillac House in Manhattan until the end of May. After that, Cadillac’s corporate presence in NYC will officially come to an end, with the brand returning to its roots.

News Source: The Detroit Free Press