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Cadillac Sees 1% Retail Sales Increase, Record ATPs in January

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2017 Cadillac XT5 in Berlin

Cadillac reported a 1.2% year-over-year retail sales increase in January, delivering 8,077 vehicles to individual customers in the United States. Overall, Cadillac’s sales fell 4.1% at 10,298 units.

Cadillac’s retail increase was driven by an 11% gain for crossovers, led by the new XT5. Escalade sales were up 10% overall, an increase made possible to a great degree by a 7% increase for the Escalade ESV. Retail average transaction prices were also the highest that the brand has ever seen at about $55,300, a year-over-year ATP increase of around $1,000.

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Overall, Cadillac’s sales were led by the XT5, of which 3,883 units were delivered in January. Though impressive, its sales—combined with 67 units from the SRX—were more than 800 units shy of the SRX’s January 2016 sales total of 4,778 vehicles.

Cadillac’s large sedans had a strong month overall with XTS sales up 2% at 1,849 units and the CT6 accounting for an additional 634 units. Sales of the ATS were down 8.7% at 974 units, sales of the CTS were down 31.8% at 691 units, and ELR sales totaled a morose 3 units.

Escalade sales were down 0.7% at 1,218 units, but sales of the Escalade ESV rose 26.3% at 979 units.

Cadillac rounded out 2016 with total sales of 170,006 units, down 3% year-over-year. Global sales, on the other hand, were the highest that the brand has seen in 30 years at 308,692 units.

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