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Can You Drift A Cargo Van? Nissan Says Yes

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Nissan NV Cargo Van

Nissan recently engineered a GT-R to break the world record for fastest drift, so we know that the automaker takes drifting pretty darn seriously. Usually, though, the brand is drifting a sporty car, like the aforementioned Nissan GT-R or the Nissan 370Z. Chris Forsberg, a professional drifter, showed up to a video shoot for Car Throttle expecting to take the new Nissan 370Z out for a spin. That is until a Nissan NV Cargo Van pulled up. When we say pull up, we really mean that it roared into view and then proceeded to drift around Forsberg. The driver leaned out and yelled “April Fools,” and then the fun really started.


Check out the modified Nissan Cargo Van in motion below, and be ready to be seriously impressed by this delivery vehicle.

Forsberg takes the drift van out for a spin, with many of the obstacles involving things a Nissan Cargo Van would see every day, including avoiding forklift trucks and boxes in the parking lot. The Cargo Van actually handled several of the obstacles meant for smaller cars really well. There was even a delivery stunt, where the Nissan Cargo Van was loaded with a large box and then it raced down the track, over a jump highlighted with confetti, to come to an abrupt stop perfect for delivery.


If you think this Nissan Cargo Van looks cool in the video, imagine what it would be like working for your business. While we don’t encourage anyone to drift off of a closed course, which is prepared with the necessary safety equipment, it would be nice to know as you’re driving for your company that the van you’re driving is really more powerful (and interesting) than meets the eye.