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Car Fan Builds ‘Minority Report’ Lexus

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Lexus 2054 Recreation eBay

The futuristic film Minority Report, released in 2002, was a Tom Cruise-helmed science fiction creation that contained both deep questions about morality and breathtaking images of what a future Earth could look like. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involved autonomous cars seamlessly merging onto the highway and getting passengers to their destination with little interaction from the “driver.” The cars even drove up a vertical highway, changing their cabin orientation so as to not disturb passengers.

While we are edging closer and closer to self-driving cars, we’re nowhere near the advanced nature of the vehicles portrayed in the film. But one car modifier in Florida, Mike Vetter, took it upon himself to at least recreate the overall look of one of the film’s vehicles, the Lexus 2054, a concept car the brand created for the film. Check it out for yourself below.

The auction on Ebay was asking $95,000 dollars for the vehicle, but it has recently ended. That could either be because no one wanted to spend that much money on a car that looks so good but is very possibly difficult to drive, or because someone offline made Vetter an offer he couldn’t refuse. For the record, the car was technically called a “2016 Vetter Custom Dimensia” to avoid any copyright issues.

Unfortunately, it looks as if this Lexus was actually built on the bones of a Porsche. Perhaps Vetter is predicting that soon cars from Lexus will be able to take on the more expensive luxury brands in a fair fight, and that’s why he upgraded the body.

If you have a moment, take a look at Vetter’s other car builds. Some of them are truly out of this world.

News Source: The Verge and The Car Factory