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CES 2017: Hyundai Shares Its Road Map for Enhancing Human-Vehicle Interface

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Hyundai future mobility presentation at CES 2017

While most of the automotive industry has its sights on the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week, wise enthusiasts will be keeping an eye on the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2017) in Las Vegas this week. Why? Because the wares on display in Detroit might be glittery, but CES presentations are offering real insight into where the industry is headed.

For instance, Hyundai showcased its plans for the future of transportation today at CES 2017, promoting the possibilities of digitally-connected, pollution-free, and self-driving mobility.

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Hyundai’s Consumer Electronics Show presentation began with head of product planning Mike O’Brien taking the stage. After he took a moment to point out the growing overlap between automakers and tech firms–which has previously been two different industries–and what that means for future vehicles, he gave the stage to vice-chairman Euisun Chung.

Hyundai future mobility presentation at CES 2017Chung walked attendees through Hyundai’s three-fold plan for the future of mobility: clean mobility, freedom in mobility, and connected mobility. For clean mobility, he pointed out Hyundai’s solar-powered facilities and use of bio-materials, as well as plans for a brand new hydrogen fuel cell SUV being build on a new, dedicated platform.

For freedom in mobility, Chung broadly described the automaker’s work to produce safe, reliable self-driving cars like the autonomous IONIQ on display at CES. For connected mobility, Chung described how all aspects of our lives in the future will overlap, then yielded the floor to Dr. Seung Ho Hwang, who explained the brand’s collaboration with Cisco to enhance connected car tech.

Hyundai autonomous self-driving IONIQ electric car conceptThe presentation concluded with O’Brien returning for a closer look at how autonomous driving works and how the H-Mex medical exoskeleton can help those with disabilities walk again.

Following the presentation was an interactive demo for the press that allowed participants to control functions of a Hyundai vehicle using voice commands through the Blue Link Agent for the Google Assistant. Voice-activated controls are all the rage right now–just look at the Amazon Echo–so it’s no surprise that Hyundai is using its acclaimed Blue Link system to bring that feature to its lineup.

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