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Check Out These Ford Fiesta RS Spy Shots

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Last month, shortly after the release of the Focus RS, we drooled over the possibility of a Fiesta RS lining up next to its all-wheel-drive, 300+ horsepower big brother. But the possibility seemed like a far shot since we had just been introduced to four brand new Ford Performance vehicles: the Shelby GT350R, F-150 Raptor, GT Supercar, and of course the Focus RS.

2016 Focus RS | Ford Fiesta RS Spy Shots

The 2016 Ford Focus (pictured) debuted in Cologne, Germany, just a little over a month ago, and already we’s seen Ford Fiesta RS spy shots emerge online

In the end, however, we may have not been too far off course. Earlier this week, Car and Driver released a few spy shots of a test mule Fiesta out for a stroll with its big brother, Focus RS.

At first glance it looks like just a normal Fiesta hatchback, but look closer and you’ll notice the flared fenders, larger air intakes, and possibly an intercooler hidden behind the grille. That would make this more than just a Fiesta hatchback, and quite possibly the Fiesta RS.

It’s speculated that if it is indeed a Fiesta RS, beneath the hood would be a finely tuned 1.6-liter EcoBoost, four-cylinder turbo that could create anywhere from 230-250 horses, complete with bigger brakes and stiffer suspension.

So the real question is, would it also get the same mind-boggling, all-wheel-drive system that will be in the Focus RS? For that, we’ll just have to wait and see.

News Source: Car and Driver