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Chrysler Pacifica Commercial Goes Straight to Hell

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“Mom! Why’s it cold over there?”
“It’s Detroit, honey.”

The long-awaited Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid model is finally available at dealerships across the country. With an all-electric range of 33 miles and a fuel efficiency rating of 84 MPGe, it is a minivan that must be seen to be believed.

As such, Chrysler decided to create an advertisement that evokes idioms of impossibilities to celebrate the launch of its hybrid minivan. However, the commercial rapidly changes from whimsical to downright terrifying.

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The commercial starts out with a family test-driving the new Pacifica Hybrid. While the dealership representative mentions the van’s impressive efficiency, the young son notices some pigs flying through the air above them.

Before the father can look up and see the avian swine, the van’s forward-collision warning system saves the family from an unfortunate accident. Everything seems alright so far, but here’s where things take a turn toward the macabre.

We’ve got a five-pig pile-up

The daughter looks over to her right and sees Satan standing out in the snow. Yep, the Hybrid Pacifica drives right past Hell, which has seemingly frozen over.

If there is any doubt that this is the realm of Hades, there’s a big neon sign flashing right next to it that says “Hell.” Interestingly enough, the lanky-looking Lucifer seems to be walking Orthrus, the two-headed dog from Greek Mythology, rather than its cousin Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the underworld.

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Unfazed by passing right by the realm of eternal fire and brimstone, the dad repeats the 84 MPGe fuel efficiency statistic. He really seems hung up on that little piece of info, seeing as he mentions it twice in the span of 30 seconds.

From there, the commercial ignores its demonic detour and ends with the daughter pointing out a blue moon when the family rolls back into the dealership, a return to the enchanted no doubt. You can witness the commercial in all of its glory below:

“To celebrate this next critical chapter in our Minivan Firsts – our story requires a very specific message – one that speaks to two very distinct audiences (parents and children),” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer for FCA Global. “Through the spot’s unique story-telling device, flying pigs and blue moons are seen as the device to highlight segment-first features that are almost unbelievable and will appeal to adults and kids alike.”

Francois seems to have left out the bit where the family takes a trip to the land down under (hint: not Australia). Nevertheless, it’s doubtful that any wide-eyed children will be able to forget the bizarre imagery of this commercial, for better or for worse.

What this child has seen cannot be unseen