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Classic BMW Vehicles Put To The Test In Italy

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BMW 328

Classic car collectors are pretty picky about their historic rides and how they are treated. They represent proud histories of great engineering, and their unique designs turns heads wherever they are driven. Many classic car owners try to limit how much their car is driven, and make sure it is displayed in highly-controlled environments or at special classic car shows. If something were to break or malfunction, there’s no way of knowing if there are any parts that could fix it, especially since many come from defunct OEMs and ways of building vehicles.


For the brave classic car owner in Europe, the Mille Miglia in Europe allows the classic cars to take the road in a race. Not just a short road race, either. No, these cars run a full endurance race that goes from Brescia to Rome and back in Italy. For a car to be eligible to participate in the event, it must have been registered for the race between 1927 and 1957, the years it was ran as a simple car race before it was brought back as a classic car race in 1988.

The BMW 328 met the criteria for participation, and in celebration of 80 years of this historic model the BMW Group Classic team sent six different BMW 328 cars from its preserved fleet to participate. When the BMW 328 ran the Mille Miglia in 1938, it won its class for vehicles with a maximum capacity of two liters. Two years later, the BMW 328 came back to the event to win, and the assembled BMW group that also placed third, fifth, and sixth brought home the team award.

The race is currently running in Italy this weekend. We wish good luck to all of the racers, and hope that everyone’s vehicle comes back in one piece.