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Cleaning Tips for Clear, Streak-free Interior Windows

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2019 Nissan TITAN

Your car’s defrost is working properly, but you can’t seem to get your windows clear. They’re hazy, slightly foggy, and seriously messing with your visibility. You take a swipe at them, and that helps for about a minute. But in the long run, if you want clear windows, you’re going to have to put “clean windows” on your to-do list.

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“Having a clean windshield and windows is much more than just the appearance of a clean, well-kept car. It decreases driver fatigue and improves visibility, meaning safer driving,” according to Your Mechanic writer Jason Unrau.

But, what’s the best way to clean them so you can avoid the current state of smudginess the next time you get behind the wheel?

Unrau stresses the importance of the right products, which includes quality glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

“Microfiber is soft to the touch but has excellent properties to scrub away any dirt while absorbing the glass cleaner. It is better than newspaper which leaves ink residue all over your hands and car interior, and better than paper towels that shred easily, meaning you use more of them,” according to Unrau.

Don’t spritz the window with the cleaner, he advises, as this will just waste the product. Instead spray it directly on the microfiber cloth.

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To help ensure your car’s windows get as crystal clear as possible, you’ll need to hit the glass at every angle.

“The best way to get your glass cleaner than ever is to wipe the glass in an up-and-down motion, then in a side-to-side motion,” Unrau advises. “This method leaves fewer streaks than wiping in circles.”

News Source: Your Mechanic