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Compact SUV Demand in India Rises with Ford EcoSport

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Compact SUV Demand in India

Compact SUV Demand in India has risen with the help of the new Ford EcoSport
photo by Mark Hillary

Earlier this week, Ford released its long-awaited EcoSport compact SUV in India. Ford expects the small SUV, which was manufactured in India, to lead what is expected to be a boom in compact SUV demand in India in the coming years.

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IHS Automotive has predicted that sales of compact SUVs in India will increase more than 20 times by 2015. Total sales in 2012 were 6,140 and that is expected to grow to over 126,000 in 2015. Indian demand for small SUVs in lieu of larger ones has risen due to bumpy roads, heavy traffic, and limited parking.

In a statement to the press in India, Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, stated, “Who would have ever thought that a small SUV on a (compact vehicle) platform would be one of the fastest growing segments in India?”

Do you think the Ford EcoSport will help turn the Indian car market around? Share your thoughts below.

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