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Custom Nissan Patrol Has Backseat Center Steering Wheel for Some Reason

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2014 Nissan PatrolTo get ahead with car buyers, automakers are looking for ways to innovate their vehicles to create something that their competitors can’t match.  The term “one of a kind” is never more apt than when applied to a custom Nissan Patrol crafted by Dubai’s King of Customs.  So what makes this particular Patrol so special?  Its steering wheel is located in the center of the backseat.

From the outside, the custom Nissan Patrol looks like a pretty standard SUV.  That is until the doors are opened to reveal a dashboard panel that is empty but for a trio of in-dash computer screens.  The steering wheel is then revealed to be mounted behind and between the driver and passenger seats, where the car’s builder proudly sits.

The steering wheel sits between two seat mounted screens (because one can never have too many screens in their vehicle, right?), replete with the whole driving column interface: there’s a handbrake, gauge cluster, and brake and acceleration pedals.

So what was the aim of this Frankenstein-esque monster?  Does it somehow improve drive quality or driver safety?  Is it the first wave of a new fad?  King of Customs doesn’t actually give a reason; we assume it’s just because they thought it looked cool.  To be fair, this custom Nissan Patrol would be a great way to freak out fellow drivers stopped at a red light.