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Do You Know What Saps Your Battery’s Power?

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By the time you realize your battery is in trouble, it’s too late. A dead battery is no fun to deal with, and although you might not be able to pinpoint the exact cause with 100 percent certainty of why you ended up with a dead battery, by knowing what systems and mechanics drain your battery over time, you might be able to prevent your next battery from failing you.

Not to put the blame on you, but sometimes battery drain is completely your fault—but, don’t feel bad—everyone makes mistakes! According to writer Valerie Johnston, human error, like leaving the truck open or the lights on overnight will do a number on your battery’s power supply.

According to Johnston, parasitic drain (things that run even when the car is turned off) like your car’s radio presets, clock, and security alarm is to be expected, but if your car is suffering from an electrical mishap, that normal parasitic drain can reach a dangerous level and leave you with a completely exhausted battery.

A faulty alternator that causes a charging problem will deplete your car’s battery; seek a checkup from a mechanic for an accurate diagnosis, advises Johnston.

If your battery has been chugging along for four to five years, it is time for a replacement, even if you haven’t experienced any issues with the battery or if your car is starting, but not all the time, according to Johnston; an old battery does not have the capacity to retain a complete and full charge.

Regular battery checks and maintenance from a professional auto mechanic will help keep your battery at full power and keep you from stalling or dealing with a dead battery.

News Source: YourMechanic