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Everyone in the Early 2000s Drove a Lexus SC 430

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Regina George and her Lexus SC 430
Wait. You had a party without Regina? That calls for “fugly slut” in the Burn Book.
Photo: Paramount Pictures, 2004

The 2016 presidential election brought about many crazy things on the internet. One of these strange instances occurred on Twitter where a popular Mean Girls character was trending on election day because users were avoiding their anxiety by debating if they were going to vote for Cady Heron or Regina George for Spring Fling Queen, instead of discussing the potential real-life President of the United States…

This brought me to thinking about the hilariously classic masterpiece that is Mean Girls, and Regina driving around with the Plastics in her fancy rich-girl car. That car was a convertible Lexus SC 430, presumably a 2005 model, since the film came out in 2004 and Regina totally wouldn’t drive a used car. Ew.

Celebs who drove the Lexus SC 430

The Lexus SC 430 was the “it car” of the early 2000s. Every celebrity was driving one, either in real life or on their ever-so-popular TV show or movie. Trust me; I’m not making this up! Just a few of the many TV shows that featured the classic Lexus were One Tree Hill, The OC, CSI, Family Guy, Nip/Tuck, and Gossip Girl. The vehicle even made an appearance in the music video for the mega-Shrek-hit “I’m a Believer” from none other than Twitter beef experts, Smash Mouth. In real life, stars like Blake Lively, Tyra Banks, Ashlee Simpson, Tony Hawk, and Mila Kunis all drove the SC 430. Even your favorite NSYNC member, Joey Fatone, had one!

She doesn’t even go here!

In true Taylor Swift fashion, the then-country singer specifically purchased the Lexus SC 430 for her 16th birthday to spite the “mean girls” that hated on her in high school. *z snap*

The limit DOES exist

Unfortunately for nostalgic millenials like me, who want to re-live every moment of their childhood and adolescence, the Lexus SC 430 is no longer in production. Lexus stopped making the vehicle in 2010, which coincided with the end of many of the aforementioned celebrities’ careers and respective TV shows. If you’re lucky, you may find a used SC 430 for sale somewhere. If you do, please give me a call on my flip phone.