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EVgo and Nissan Open I-95 Fast Charging ARC

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I-95 Fast Charging ARCOne of the barriers that keeps a lot of drivers from making the switch to fully electric vehicles is the fear of not having enough power for a long-distance trip. Nissan wants to make EV adoption a reality, so it is opening several charging corridors on high-trafficked routes to put drivers at ease. This month, Nissan and partner EVgo opened up the I-95 Fast-Charging ARC that traces the major highway connecting Boston and Washington D.C.

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I-95 is the longest north-south interstate in the country, and the section on the Eastern Seaboard is popular with road trippers and commuters alike. Now nine EVgo DC Fast Charging stations are open along the highway with a combined 52 fast chargers in total. Drivers can choose between one of the two charging connector options available, and all chargers are pre-wired for future upgrades to 150kW when vehicles can handle that much power. While Nissan is all about promoting its own EV, the Nissan LEAF, the brand made sure that there were both CHAdeMO and Combined Charging System fast charging outlets to allow all EVs to take advantage of the pit stops.

“EVgo and Nissan’s I-95 Fast Charging ARC is designed to make fast charging easy and convenient for EV drivers from Boston to Washington D.C.,” said Cathy Zoi, the CEO of EVgo. “Because we own our fast charging stations, EVgo drivers can rely on us to offer exceptional service from coast to coast. We applaud Nissan’s historic leadership in infrastructure investment in partnership with EVgo, affording drivers the opportunity to rely on the I-95 Fast Charging ARC today.”

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As if the charging stations themselves weren’t already good enough, Nissan LEAF drivers enrolled in the No Charge to Charge program will get the first 30 minutes of charging for free at a DC fast-charge station.

In total, Nissan has spent more than $60 million on EV infrastructure in anticipation of more drivers making the switch to electric. Hopefully, more drivers in this highly-populated area of the country will switch to electric cars with more convenient charging.