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Folks in Hungary Were Awful Hungry for Ford Vehicles in 2017

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Now’s the time of year where you hear all about how this and that automaker did such and such great or not so great job selling vehicles in some major country or region or market. That’s all well and good, but what, you ask, about those places that don’t get so much credit for being big places for Ford Motor Company to sell cars? How did Ford do in, oh, let’s say Hungary, for example? Well, the answer to that question is quite well, actually.

2017 marked Ford’s eighth consecutive year as Hungary’s top-selling automaker. Ford grabbed an 11.3% market share last year with sales totaling 16,171 units. Commercial vehicle sales totaled 5,961 units, good for a robust 20% market share, and the Ford Mustang nabbed an impressive 49% share of the sports car segment.

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“Our success in Hungary can be attributed primarily to that fact that Ford is not just very good in a single segment. We are present in probably the widest range of vehicle segments, with our models among the leaders in almost all segments,” said Viktor Szamosi, Ford of Hungary’s managing director. “Ford is not only extremely successful in the traditional Transit segment, but we are now also number one in the pickup and sports car segments. Furthermore, we are aiming for the lead in other segments as well, with our new models coming in 2018.”

Ford is set to launch 10 new or refreshed vehicles in Hungary this year, including the EcoSport, Fiesta Active, Fiesta ST, and revamped Mustang. Given the onslaught of new, quality products, it’s fair to say that Ford will be positioned for another big year in Hungary. So, next year, when you wonder which brand sold the best in Hungary, you’ll have a pretty good idea.

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