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Ford Celebrates Milestone of 10 Million Mustangs Built

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10 Million Mustangs

Ford celebrated 10 million Mustangs by getting 60 Mustang owners together to write out the number in the Flat Rock Assembly Plant parking lot

Ford introduced the world to the Ford Mustang in 1964, and the connection with performance enthusiasts was instantaneous. Exuding cool charisma and raw power, the Mustang was an instant classic that has satisfied generation after generation and continues to satisfy yet another still with the new 2019 model. So just how many Mustangs does a near-55-year love affair produce? As of today, 10 million.

A 2019 Ford Mustang GT convertible — in Wimbledon White, appropriately enough — rolled off the assembly line at Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan this week, marking the 10 millionth Mustang ever built. To commemorate the occasion, Ford got together 60 Mustang owners from all model years to spell out 10,000,000 in the Flat Rock parking lot and had three P-51 Mustang fighter planes perform a flyover.

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10 Million Mustangs

Ford Motor Company President of Global Markets Jim Farley with the first Ford Mustang ever sold

Mustang is the heart and soul of this company and a favorite around the world,” said Jim Farley, president of global markets, Ford Motor Company. “I get the same thrill seeing a Mustang roll down a street in Detroit, London, or Beijing that I felt when I bought my first car — a 1966 Mustang coupe that I drove across the country as a teenager. Mustang is a smile-maker in any language.”

Ford notes that the Mustang is not just the best-selling sports car on the planet for the past 50 years — as well as the best-selling sports car from 2017 — but is also featured in more movies and has more fans on Facebook than any other car.

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Photos: Ford Celebrates 10 Million Mustangs Made

10 Million Mustangs

Gail Brown with her 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, the first ever sold