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Ford Active Park Assist Takes the Stress Out of Parking for Vans

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2020 Ford Transit Active Park Assist
Photo: Ford

Ever try to park a van? It sure can be a hassle. Ford decided that it’s done with all that noise, which is why it’s offering Active Park Assist and other advanced parking technologies on the new Ford Transit. With the idea of time being the equivalent of money, the availability of this technology on the best-selling commercial vehicle offers the ability to save lots of both in the long run.

“Frequent stops in busy city streets are the norm for many van drivers during the working day, and that can be a challenge in such a large vehicle where visibility can be limited,” said Ford Transit Chief Program Engineer Ian Porter. “Ford technologies like Active Park Assist help drivers and operators put their energy into their best work, and spend less time stressing about parking.”

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Transit offers smarts for easier parking

2020 Ford Transit Active Park Assist
Photo: Ford

The Active Park Assist system offered on the Transit and Transit Custom uses a dozen ultrasonic sensors to determine the van’s positioning relative to other objects. Using this information, the Park-Out Assist feature allows the vehicle to park itself easily and without incident — the driver need only apply the gas and the brake and let the magic happen.  With this feature, even parallel parking in a van becomes something of a breeze.

A range of other technologies make the Transit and Transit Customer safer and more convenient for drivers. This includes Cross Traffic Alert, which gives a heads up whenever a vehicle or bicycle is approaching from either side while backing out; a Side Sensing System that helps maneuver in tight spaces at low speeds; and wide-view front and rear cameras.

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