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Ford Adds 550 Jobs at Kentucky Truck Plant for Expedition, Navigator

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Ford adds 550 jobs at Kentucky Truck Plant
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company will be increasing production of its Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs by 20 percent this summer, adding 550 new jobs to its Kentucky Truck Plant in the process. The uptick in production is necessitated by an increase in demand for both; the Expedition saw retail sales jump 35 percent in 2018, while sales of the Navigator last year leapt an impressive 70 percent.

“Kentucky Truck Plant is home to two of Ford and Lincoln’s most successful vehicles,” said John Savona, Ford vice president, North American manufacturing. “After seeing a continued increase in customer demand for Expedition and Navigator, we are boosting production for a second time to meet it.”

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To move production along faster, Ford is increasing its line speed with more workstations and redistribution of tasks, creating more jobs and ensuring that every Expedition and Navigator that rolls off the assembly line will be of the highest quality possible. The changes are set to take place after the scheduled summer shutdown this July.

Ford increased Expedition and Navigator production at Kentucky Truck Plant in 2018 with a $25 million investment, which followed a $900 million plant renovation.

Ford adds 550 jobs at Kentucky Truck Plant
Photo: Ford Motor Company

New “Better Big” ad campaign

Ford is also launching a new ad campaign for the Expedition that focuses on all the areas in which the SUV is bigger and better than its competition. The ads focus on seating capacity and towing capabilities (“Leave No One”), interior space and comfort (“Better Big”), and the Expedition’s largest-in-class sunroof (“Curtain”).

“We ‘out-big’ the competition where it counts — towing, interior space, and technology,” said Matt VanDyke, Ford director, U.S. marketing. “Our team completely rethought every inch of Expedition, and its growing sales reaffirm we hit the sweet spot with today’s full-size SUV customers. Now, our new ‘Better Big’ marketing campaign will bring this to life for new buyers.”

The Expedition is also expected to be heavily spotlighted at the Academy of Country Music Awards this April. A contest will see eight fans drive around Las Vegas in an Expedition signing the songs of this year’s nominees, and their renditions will be shown to the artists for maximum reaction.

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