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Ford Adds Third Shift, 900 Jobs to Meet F-150 Demand

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Ford has added a third shift

Ford has added a third shift to keep up with serious F-150 demand.

The Ford F-Series is by far the best-selling vehicle in America, out-pacing second place by 50 percent. This is great for revenue, but the Detroit automaker is struggling to keep up with demand.  To bolster its supply of the F-Series, Ford has added a third shift and the addition of 900 new jobs to its Kansas City Assembly Plant.

“Ford F-Series sales are the strongest since 2006, and we are increasing production to meet this demand.” said Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager, in a press release. “This is an important indicator that our economy is growing again. We are proud that Ford Trucks are helping more and more of our customers get back to work.”

The additional jobs and shift are part of the 200,000 units of additional annual production Ford has planned for 2013, and brings the automaker closer to reaching its goal of creating 12,000 hourly jobs in the U.S. by 2015 – Ford has completed about 75 percent of that goal.

Ford is clearly recovering well, as heightened production of the F-Series is part of a 600,000 unit increase in North America over the last year alone.

Have you been part of the high demand for Ford vehicles?