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Ford Announces New Mustang Customizer App

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Mustang Customizer

If you’re considering picking up a 2015 Ford Mustang sometime this year and you want to make sure that you know exactly how you would spec yours, then you are in luck. Ford is releasing a new Mustang Customizer app for Apple and Android devices with a desktop version set to follow.

The redesigned app follows up the original Mustang Customizer, which was launched in 2009 and became an immediate sensation with smartphone-coveting gearheads across the nation.


Mustang Customizer

“When we launched the Mustang Customizer in 2009, it was massively popular,” said Andrea Zuehlk, Digital Marketing Manager. “With more than 5.4 million custom Mustangs built and more than 1.6 million app downloads since 2012, we knew we had to deliver a redesigned experience to complement the redesigned 2015 Mustang. Ford is the only company to offer a unique app like Mustang Customizer and our fans just can’t get enough of it.”

Starting with a 3D rendering of a stock Mustang, users are able to customize everything from exterior color and engine to wheels and spoilers. A dealer locator search tool will then facilitate the transition from virtual to reality.

Also available is a video-creation mode and a tool that allows users to place their Mustang anywhere in the world that they please via Google Streetview (the latter is set to sometime in the spring). Ford says there will also be an interactive racing game somewhere down the line. Joy!

Mustang Customizer