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Ford Announces The Good Day Project

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The Good Day Project

Today, Ford announced that it is launching The Good Day Project as a part of its efforts to raise breast cancer awareness through it Ford Warriors in Pink® organization.

Whereas the Ford Warriors in Pink are primarily aimed at raising awareness, starting conversations, and generating funds to support breast cancer research, The Good Day Project is focused on informing those who might not suffer directly from breast cancer to reach out and help improve the lives of those dealing with the disease.

“Warriors in Pink is about driving awareness, and about motivating people to help in the battle against breast cancer,” added Magee. “With The Good Day Project, we hope to empower people to take real action and help provide more good days to those living with the disease.”

A major partner of The Good Day Project is Meal Train—a platform that helps easily provide meals to those suffering from breast cancer. Those participating in The Good Day Project will gain free access to Meal Train Plus’ paid premium services.


“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Ford Warriors in Pink to simplify the giving process,” said Michael Laramee, cofounder, Meal Train. “Our goal is to give users practical solutions that help provide the services they need on the days that are most helpful. Through this partnership, we hope to inspire more people to join the fight and grant small acts of kindness that lessen the burden for those living with the disease.”

Lyft will also be a major sponsor for the project, providing free rides for patients to and from their doctor appointments and treatments.

More information is available at