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Surprise! The Ford Bronco is Coming to Europe After All

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Ford Bronco Euro Plates
Are you happy now, Europe? Well, are you?
Photo: Ford

The Ford Bronco, as it turns out, is just too awesome not to bring across the Atlantic. On July 4 of all days, Ford announced that it will in fact bring the new Bronco to Europe, offering it up in select left-hand drive markets in 2023.

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‘Strictly limited’ Bronco coming to select markets in late 2023

There aren’t a lot of details yet, but Ford says that availability of the four-door Bronco will be “strictly limited.” The SUV that finds its way over there likely won’t differ too much from the U.S.-spec Bronco — especially since it’s retaining left-hand drive. As for right-hand drive markets like the United Kingdom, a Ford spokesperson told Top Gear that it will “continue to evaluate the opportunity in the future.”

Ford of Europe Chief Engineer of import vehicles Matthias Tonn does play up customization, so expect a fair amount of options as far as accessories go.

“Bronco is built to give customers the freedom to explore with confidence … and it is going to be empowering a lot of fun in Europe,” said Tonn.

As far as which variations of the Bronco will be up for grabs, that’s less clear. Ford’s announcement plays up some of the more advanced options like the Baja G.O.A.T. Mode and Trail Toolbox, so higher trims like the Badlands and Wildtrak should be in the offing.

It’s a safer bet that newer, more limited models like the Raptor and Everglades may not make the leap, but one never can tell. Perhaps they can work out an exchange program where Europe gets some Bronco Raptors and the states can have a few fresh Focus STs in return.

Ford says it won’t launch the Bronco in Europe until late next year, so it could be a little bit until we get any further updates.