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Ford Bronco Debut Might Happen in March

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New Ford Bronco debut set for March?
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Three years on from the announcement that the Ford Bronco is coming back, it’s fair to say folks are eager to see the horse buck its way out from under a sheet and into the spotlight. While we know that the 2021 Bronco is set to debut this spring, a new report suggests we might only be a few weeks away from seeing it in all its glory.

Automotive News reports that Ford dealers attending the NADA Show were told that the 2021 Ford Bronco debut is set for March, well ahead of the previously rumored debut of NAIAS in June. Company execs told dealership reps that production volume for 2021 will hit 200,000 units, which suggests that Ford is banking on the Bronco being a big hit.

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Bronco Sport to debut in New York?

All-New 2021 Ford Bronco Prototype
A taste of what’s to come with the 2021 Ford Bronco
Photo: Ford Motor Company

With the debut of the Ford Bronco likely coming earlier than expected, that would leave its smaller sibling — which is likely to go by the name Bronco Sport but may carry some other name like Maverick — to debut shortly thereafter at the 2020 New York Auto Show. The baby Bronco would hit the market first with a tentative late-2020 launch, and the full-size Bronco would follow in early 2021.

Ford seemingly also confirmed to its dealers that the Bronco will form its own sub-brand. In addition to the Bronco Sport and a rumored Bronco-based pickup truck, Ford will launch a line of off-road accessories to capitalize on the off-road capability of the SUV as was done with the Explorer and Ranger.

“Now that everyone knows the Bronco is coming, we know that’s going to transform our business,” Ford National Dealer Council Chairman John Crane told Auto News. “For a lot of dealers, just hearing this isn’t a one-vehicle play, it’s a family of vehicles, people are walking out of here very positive.”

With the Ford Bronco debut seemingly very nigh, positivity is a natural proclivity.

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