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Ford Bronco Raptor Seems Like a Lock After Leak

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2022 Ford Bronco four-door in Eruption Green grille from high angle
The Ford Bronco Raptor will likely be available in Eruption Green
Photo: Ford

Given how ridiculously popular the Ford Bronco has proven so far, you’ve got to think there’s no way Ford won’t offer up a high-performance variant at this point. A bit of information pulled from Ford’s ordering database this week suggests that that SUV is indeed coming and will in fact wear the Raptor name.

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Ford Bronco Raptor could get two trims, Code Orange color option

Bronco6G forums user monkeysdad monkeyed around a bit with Ford’s ordering system and found a Bronco body code that didn’t exist for the 2021 model year. Some deeper diving led the primate patriarch to a pair of order codes tied to the name Raptor.

Adding to the pile that suggests this might just be the real deal is the fact that the 373A and 374A models are available in Code Orange — a color offered on the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor. The database also shows newly revealed Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red as alternative color options.

2021 Ford F-150 Raptor kicking up sand in the desert
Code Orange is one of the colors available for the 2021 F-150 Raptor
Photo: Ford

The 373A listing is for a base Bronco Raptor while the 374A is for a model with a Lux Package. Other differences shown between the models include Adaptive Cruise Control, wireless charging, voice-activated navigation, a 10-speaker audio system, and a heated steering wheel.

Ford favoring Raptor name over Warthog for high-performance Bronco

As for why the high-performance Bronco seems to have reverted back to the Raptor name? Jalopnik’s Adam Ismail probably hits it on the head noting that Raptor just carries more name recognition. Unless you’re trying to grab Halo fans, that is.

Dear monkeysdad also stumbled upon a trim called Everglades but said the listing yielded no content information. One user on the forums suggested that could mean a Bronco with an intake snorkel, and hey, that’d be pretty rad.

The odds of getting more Bronco goodness are very high — even if we’re not getting a Bronco truck any time soon. In addition to a Bronco Raptor, you can bank on a hybrid version and pretty well guess that an all-electric Bronco is coming sometime down the line.