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Ford Canada Employees Earn a Night Out by Giving Back

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Ford Canada Employees Give Back
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company of Canada asked its employees in October to share their stories of giving back. Over 70 employees from Oakville and Waterloo took part in the initiative, telling their tales of work within the community or mere acts of kindness to help out peers or loved ones. Every participant was awarded with two tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play the San Jose Shark from the Ford Fan Deck on Oct. 25.

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Ford took the time to highlight some of the more impressive stories it received from employees. Among them is Louise Bujdoso, a 37-year Ford employee who is currently with Ford of Canada IT; she’s a member of Tenacious Women Inspiring Strength Through Empowerment and Diversity, or TWISTED, a motorcycle group that’s big on community outreach. In 2019 alone, TWISTED provided 40 breakfasts for the homeless in Ontario, served as marshals for the Take Back the Night march against domestic violence, and collected meals for students as part of the Georgetown Food 4 Kids program.

“One small act of kindness can make a difference in a person’s life,” she said. “With a team of strong, independent, like-minded women, we can make even bigger changes to improve the lives of people in our communities, while promoting a positive image of motorcycle culture. That is our mission.”

Another such story is that of Ali Asad, a software test engineer at the Oakville Connectivity and Innovation Centre. Ali and his wife are frequent supporters of the Brampton Multicultural Community Center, which helps people who are new to the country get adjusted more quickly. The couple recently helped put together Brampton Newcomer Day, which gives new Canadians the opportunity to meet members of their communities, familiarize themselves with key organizations, and get help finding jobs.

Thanks to the work of Bujdoso, Asad, and people like them at Ford and elsewhere, there exists the potential that the world will become a better place.

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