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Ford of Canada Boosts Face Shield Production to 2.75 Million

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Ford of Canada Boosts Face Shield Production to 2.75 Million
Ford of Canada plans to ramp up face shield production to 2.75 million units
Photo: Ford

In April, Ford Motor Company of Canada began producing face shields at its Windsor Engine Plant. Within days of production starting, a few thousand face shields made their way to local nursing homes and medical facilities, enabling healthcare and emergency workers to safely assist people suffering from COVID-19. On the verge of restarting vehicle production in Canada, Ford is aiming to increase its face shield output to 2.75 million.

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According to the Windsor Star, production of the face shields kicked off on April 6 and had resulted in the production of 250,000 units within a month. Twenty-eight Ford of Canada employees were working at Windsor on the production line as of earlier this month, up from 10 employees in early April.

According to Unifor Local 200 President John D’Angolo, it’s not known whether the increase in production volume will see more workers recalled to Windsor. He estimated in April that every employee is capable of producing 200 face shields a day.

“That’ll secure some work I’d think until September,” D’Agnolo said. “Hopefully by then we won’t need to be building them anymore because they’ve found a cure.”

“I am incredibly grateful to our members at Ford in Windsor for doing a tremendous service for their community and their country during this national emergency,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

Earlier this month, Ford announced that manufacturing in North America would resume on May 18. Production at the Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada is expected to start on Monday along with production at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan.

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