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Ford Cancels Redesign Program for NA Ford Fusion

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The 2017 Ford Fusion mid-size sedan offers an attractive exterior design, multiple powertrain options, and the latest safety features

Following a report from December that had Ford telling its suppliers that production of the next-generation Fusion sedan was not moving forward in Mexico, The Detroit News on Wednesday confirmed that the redesign program for the Fusion has been canceled.

While this would seem to suggest that the Fusion is on its way out, Ford spokesman Mike Levine told Detroit News that “Fusion remains an important part of the Ford lineup for years to come with even more new fresh features on the way. We will have more news to share in the future.”

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A source aware of Ford’s plans for the Fusion said that it will be offered as part of Ford’s lineup for at least three to four years more, and a second source suggested that the cancellation was less a move signaling the Fusion’s demise as much as it was one indicating that the product or product design was not what it needed to be.

While the inclination might be to suspect the cancellation of the Fusion altogether, it wouldn’t be as cut and dry as eliminating the mid-size sedan outright. Even with sales falling 21.1% in 2017, Fusion totaled 209,623 deliveries last year, accounting for nearly 38% of all Ford car sales. An alternative, Detroit News suggests, is for Ford to make the Fusion larger and have it replaced the Taurus, which is rumored to be axed by the end of this year.

The new Ford Fusion/Mondeo will live on in either case, as production is set to move forward in China. Ford has confirmed, however, that it will not be exported to North America or Europe.

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News Source: The Detroit News