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Ford Celebrates Best-Selling Fiesta With Infographics

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Ford Fiesta Best-Selling Small Car in Europe Infographic

Ford is touting that its Fiesta, with 308,999 sales in 2014, was the number one best-selling small car in Europe for the third year in a row. Like any good brand in the year 2015, Ford is celebrating its success the best way known to man: with a YouTube video and infographics.

Here’s the video:

Do you guys get it? Are the nuances too imperceptible for you to pick up? That’s understandable. We’ll explain.

You see, Europeans really like soccer, a sport which they call football (because they’re silly; we all know Tom Brady plays the right kind of football). When one scores three goals in this “football,” they have achieved something called a hat trick. By comparing three years of sales dominance in the European small car segment to a hat trick in “football,” Ford is basically saying, “Hey, people who like football, thanks for liking our little American car.”

Pretty great stuff here. And we haven’t even touched the infographics yet.

Ford Fiesta Infographic

This infographic is pretty straightforward: point out the Ford has sold nearly 1 million Fiestas in 3 years, break that figure down in terms of seconds for a distinctive “wow” factor, playfully trace the length of every car sold placed nose to tail, and…


Oh, hey! Soccer again!

Ford Fiesta Best-Selling Small Car in Europe Infographic

The second infographic is somehow even more amazing because it reminds us about all of our terrible sins from the past. Oh god, was Age of Extinction really the most popular movie of 2014? We’re all doomed! Remember that melodramatic Gotye song? Man, 2012 was way worse than we remember it! But, hey, at least the Ford Fiesta was still there!

They even made mention of the most important gadget of 2014! No, not the Apple Watch, Surface Pro 3, or 3D printers! Certainly not the Aethlon Hemopurifier, which was vital in saving lives in the midst of the 2014 Ebola crisis! We’re talking, of course, about the selfie stick!

Ford Fiesta Best-Selling Small Car in Europe Infographic

Hands-down most important innovation of the 21st Century

Oh, world. You so great.